Watercolour vs Marker for an interior scene

March 8, 2013 | 1 Comment





Sketching a few interiors today (for a comission) and thought I would do a comparison between watercolour and markers. Both were done in a similar time frame – ie. a rapid rate. I scanned the base line drawing of the watercolour and then printed it out for the marker version (on bond paper)

I use my copic markers in the same manner as I use my brush – very similar gesture and movements…but instead of mixing different colours I am madly scrambling to find the new colour, put on the lid of the colour just used and then open the right end of the the new colour (I am using the wedge end on this sketch)

1 Comment

  • Virginie Verhaeghe says:

    Dear Liz, I have a clear preference for your watercolor sketch, more noble, more subtle with its blurred lines. Beyond the ecological aspects (watercolor uses much less plastics), I imagine that the pigments of your drawings will age better. It would be interesting to photograph them again in a few years. Friendly.

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