Beta vs Alpha and a cute teapot

March 8, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

It is my intention to branch out and draw a wider scope of subjects in the coming weeks… but this is what I did today!!?! My somewhat pathetic  justification (I sounds like I am being defensive about it?)

  • I was told to go and have a coffee (= tea for me) as my doctor was running ‘exceptionally late’. 2 patients ahead of me meaning I had 15-30 minutes before I would get the call to return. So I couldn’t sketch the cafe interior in that time
  • How can I possibly be given a teapot/cup arrangement like that and not sketch it (actually I did earlier in the week but was having a coffee with my IT consultant)
  • I have been finding the Beta paper in my new sketchbook very different to paint on (I love the feel of the paper and the surface to draw on)…so I thought a standard subject would be a good test. I just don’t feel in total control of the paper – is the paper less absorbent than I am used to so the paint is sitting on the surface more? The only quirk about this idea is that I am working differently lately and feel like my work is anything but consistent…using more water but how much water did I use.


Anyway, tonight I did a sketch from this sketch on the alpha paper (the sketchbook I just finished) to compare it with my new beta book. The result is not wildly different but the feeling of control while I was doing it was. I am really enjoying using the Beta book and the challenge of getting this beautiful paper to work for me (my fast spontaneous slapping on of the paint)

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