Volume 6 - Venice!!!!

December 13, 2010 | 1 Comment

Volume 6 Combo
Well, I am flying now – the end is in sight… only 2 more sketchbooks to scan before Xmas!

While I can’t really say that the first 5 volumes were ‘warm-ups’… the next 2.5 sketchbooks are when the SERIOUS sketching happened – ie. dedicated sketching holiday instead of sketching while holidaying.

As per last years wonderful week in Paris, I had my special friend Eza with me for a totally unbelievable fortnight of sketching in Italy. Eza either makes me slow down or do more ambitious sketches – so you will see a lot more difficult sketches. One of the things I learnt from Frank Ching at the Urban Sketchers symposium was to draw the space between you and the buidling. Previously I have drawn a lot of front on views (elevations) that I have added people to the foreground to give it a sense of space…but I avoided perspectives (too hard for lazy Liz…)but this trip was all about pushing myself….

Also Eza doesn’t drink tea or coffee (the occasional herbal tea) so no ‘easy’ pages of tea and cakes – in fact not a single cup of tea was drawn in this whole book!! When in Italy I drink coffee!

Our first week together was totally in Venice… what more can I say…sigh…pretty special place to have a week sketching!

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