USKAUS SketchMeet 2016 Day 1

April 22, 2016 | 2 Comments

We have an exciting event here in Sydney over the Anzac Day long weekend… a Sketchmeet with about 60 sketchers (25 being out of towners from as far as Carins and Adelaide). Today was the first day of events and here are my collection of photos. I started the day catching a ferry to Manly for a little pre-event sketching.

I tried sketching the Sydney Opera House from the crowded Manly ferry, but it was more a case of sketching from memory as my view was about 95% blocked!

Amazing to see a submarine in the harbour!

A row of sketchers


and their view looking down The Corso towards Manly beach.

Time for lunch

And a little sketching after lunch, either from the table or down at the harbourside.

I was more in a chatting mood, but here are my two sketches from my Manly visit. It was then time to catch the ferry back into the city for the official beginning of the Sketchmeet.

Introduction, chatting and sketching at Customs House before the rain came down.

We retreated to a cafe (no sketch) but when we noticed the dramatic lighting on the Sydney Opera House  had to get back outside.The light changed quickly – notice the shadow of the Harbour Bridge on the Opera House shells in the second photo.

Here is my quick sketch.

We then went for dinner, but before we ate, we had to draw each other. Sorry for the blurry/random photos.

Nothing beats catching a ferry home – more blurry photos but I just had to share!

If you are in Sydney and want to join in their is a public sketchmeet tomorrow
Saturday 23 at Cockatoo Island at 1.30pm. We will be on the top of the island sketching.



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  • Kristy Brenner says:

    The changing light on the opera house, and on the clouds as well, was lovely. Thanks for the photos.

    • Liz Steel says:

      yes- it was a stunning short period of time that we had the amazing lighting. Although I wasn’t able to capture it exactly I am glad that I made an attempt and my sketch will remind me of it.

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