Big Trip 2010: Urban Sketchers Symposium in Portland - Day 2

October 21, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

Gearing up for Day 2!

I wasn’t super happy with my work from day 1 so I wanted to warm up with some sketches before breakfast.

So great to make new sketching friends over breakfast – Shiho and Elizabeth.

And catch up with what Gerard had been doing – wow!

Morning Workshop: Urban architecture with Frank Ching

It’s no understatement to say that I was looking forward to doing a workshop with the legend Frank Ching.

So many things that Frank said stayed in my head for the rest of my trip!

Another ‘rebel’ sketch – just trying to fit in a typical Liz sketch after trying something different.

Lunch and lectures

A fun lunch with some of the boys… interesting conversations about having family members serving in the military. Sketching my meal of course!

And a nice stationery shop.



And then another fascinating lecture

Nearly everyone was sketching!

A second lecture – this one was incredible! Veronica shared her sketches and experiences on September 11.

Afternoon Workshops: Urban line with Lapin

A huge group of sketchers got on a street car to get to the afternoon sketching location… and of course people were sketching

Including me!

We then had a fun session sketching the Ira Keller Fountain

I was amazed by Jason!

Not sure I would be comfortable sitting there!

And another sketch…

… and more of Suzanne’s work!



As indicated in my notes, I was hanging out for some architecture sketching so did two quick sketches on the walk back.

What can I say about this photo?

Catching up with some of the USK correspondents and talking about big ideas.

My sketches from this drink session and then dinner with Suzanne and Polly.



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