Umbrian Odyssey workshop planning

June 18, 2018 | 7 Comments

The big news of this trip is that Mike Botton and I are planning to offer a second sketching workshop in Italy for 2019! And, we plan to host this in Umbria, another gorgeous region of Italy.

So after my short visit to Florence we spend a period of 5 days exploring the area and doing the preliminary planning for the workshop.

Part of this involves testing out the local food and Mike takes this very seriously. Yes, it’s the hardest thing about our job – not!

It was also fun to have Mike’s twin sons, Al and Vinnie as videographer and photographer – and also Al’s girlfriend May for a few of the days.

I will be sharing more details about the proposed workshop at a later date, but in the meantime here is a collection of photos and my sketches from our ‘reccy’.


Two big towns which are included above are Gubbio and Assisi. The other sketches/photos are from a small hilltop town which we hope to use as the base for the workshop.

I’m very excited about teaching in this area of Italy and in particular having the chance to share lots of watercolour sketching tips and tricks. The Umbrian hilltop town are nice and challenging to sketch in ink and wash, as they are all the same colour and tone. I was using a few techniques to help with this and will be forming some workshop lessons around these.

If you want to find out more about this workshop (and/or the Palladian Odyssey Tours for 2019) please join the mailing list here. We are still finalising the dates and itinerary and will let people on the mailing list know first when enrollment opens.




    It really looks like Geoffrey Rush actor has photo bombed you sketching?

  • pbass wil says:

    Love your stone work! And the first one with roof. The work you put into finding the right hues for the various stones & tiles _so_ pays off in the final effect, eh?
    Your lineless direct style sure is solid now! But my own favourite style happens to be pen & ink & w.c.
    TRO, huh? I’m going to have to look into a tube of that.
    Go Liz, go! :^)

  • Dee Ludwig says:

    Loving your work…has a newness and freshness….more painting less drawing….loving the colors, but they are favorites of mine anyway….. Great work, Liz!

  • Diana Ryman says:

    Nice Liz! And I’m most impressed that you have convinced Mike to use a white Lamy Safari too!

  • Ilse says:

    This window sketch is so gorgeous, with al these brown/orange and blues hues!! Love all of the sketches you show here, but this one is my favourite 🙂

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