Trying out new stuff at an USK SYD event

February 6, 2017 | 3 Comments

I had a wonderful day with the Urban Sketchers Sydney group on Saturday. I missed a lot of the USK SYD sketchmeets in 2016, so it is great to be back, and especially as this month was a special event.

Natalie O’Connor
and Carla Hananiah, resident artists for Winsor & Newtown not only did a presentation of a range of sketching materials but also had samples we could use and goodies bags for everyone.

I did the above sketch of a Moreton bay fig using Perylene Green and Raw Sienna watercolour stick (along with my normal watercolour of course). Hmm, I really liked those colours and some of the effects achieved with mixing water-soluble tools and watercolour.

Here is a closer look at the sketch.

In between talking to Carla and Natalie, catching up with some of the regulars and meeting as many of the newbies as I could, I also did this quick 15 minute sketch of Sydney Observatory. This was done with my Sailor Fude nib and some very dark brown water-soluble ink from Sailor that I am just about to test further. I drew the lines after the watercolour and so they didn’t wash away totally. (More about this later!)

As I was flicking through my sketchbook later that evening, I decided that there are too many white pages in my book at the moment. So, I added an overcast sky to the sketch.

A wonderful day and a big group of over 50 people. It was great to see all the different work as people tried different stuff. Huge thanks as always to Chris for organising a great day.

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Did you get out sketching on the weekend? I would love to hear about what you got up to with your sketchbook.


  • Lynne Francis says:

    On Saturday I went on a mission to complete Foundations homework and do some practise. In a local park I practised abstracting shapes on a bandstand (no band unfortunately!). Realised I needed the measured set up lesson as one side was very wonky! Also tried my lesson 4 homework on an upholstered chair in Caffè Nero. On Sunday I tried another chair and did measured set up lesson on some of my bathroom supplies – Lesson 5 homework. Had lots of fun doing it all!

    • Liz Steel says:

      wow – so much homework Lynne, thanks for sharing. When working with shapes you have to just embrace the wonkiness! Keep it up!

  • Looks like a great day of sketching…and how nice to have some new materials to try out and play with. Wow, you had a big group.

    I didn’t get into NYC this weekend…much too busy, but I did go out at one point to make sure I had a plein air sketch for a once a month challenge with #moment catchers who are all over the world. I did a sketch of a local spot from my mobile studio because it was too darn cold to be outside. lol

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