Trip Prep 11-12: Sketchbooks

July 6, 2010 | 2 Comments

A few more pages from my Trip Prep Journal- not the most exciting pages but I am enjoying using a book for the planning – recording the journey beforehand.

I know you all think I am Little Miss Organised BUT somehow I didn’t think to get my sketchbooks months in advance!!! Thankfully now I do have some but they are the second choice. Sadly Daler Rowney Ebony books have had a change in paper!!

Here are tests that I did with 4 pages- original DR(the best but no longer available!) and new DR(the worst!) then the two alternatives, Jasart (which I have 8 of now!) and Millini – which I wish I had 8 of!
I think the my brain does strange things when I am exhausted (like the urge to sketch baroque buildings) this particular day (late Friday night) I decided to do a more mathematical estimate of the number of sketchbooks to take. I just can’t imagine that I could fill all those sketchbooks – who knows I might just get TIRED of sketching half way through the trip…. mmmm do you think that is possible? I don’t! I am seriously concerned at the lack of ‘chill out’ days!

BTW I think I will stick with 8 not 9 (3.2kg worth of paper is enough surely!)
BTW2 – For those that will point out to me that I can always buy a sketchbook on the way- it doesn’t help my weight management as the tighter baggage limits are on the 2nd half of the trip. I prefer to know that I have 3.2kg the whole way!


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