This week: Knitting, Waterbottles, a new cafe and a Daniel Smith Demo

August 1, 2014 | 8 Comments

< Another wrap of my week. I haven't really thought a lot of about my daily sketchbook this week - but of course because I am such an obsessive sketcher I still manage to fill pages. The opening spread is the version of my Pink Melbourne Cup that I did just for me - a record of my giveaway. If you missed it - details are here. Loving hearing from you all so much!!!
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Ok…back to my sketching….

This week(Sunday-Friday) in full not including my ‘sketch and walk’ sketches. I am really loving doing this ‘combo’ images and looking at my colour choices. And yes there is a different sketchbook there at the end (today!)

I won’t bother posting the first spread in full – my Sunday notes. a feeble attempt to start a food diary again and a woman in a waiting room.

There are so many things going on in my head that it is easy for my head to spin a little. Sketching is a good way just to slow myself down a little and it DOES help my process stuff as well. But trying to sketch some knitting was a crazy idea.

So second attempt was just to play with pigment and draw some water bottles. This was a lot more effective.  BTW I really like the blue-green theme of this spread.

Yesterday I managed to squeeze a super quick cafe visit in before heading to the Artscene for a demo. I discovered Element 6 in the newly released Good Cafe Guide 2014 to Sydney (an important purchase for my upcoming online class – how is that for a tease????) Insanely quick lines and simple washes. Sadly I closed the book too soon!

A new sketchbook! I have just under 3 weeks till I leave for Brazil and so don’t want to start a new Alpha landscape book. So instead I thought I would use a small spiral bound Stillman and Birn Zeta again. This is smooth white 270gm2 which just has to be the nicest surface to draw and write on with my lamy pen. I think this book will do nicely for this period – 50 pages.

This is just a test page of random stuff sitting around in my studio. Not quite happy with this spread as a whole…but it was totally random and a test page. Of course I realise I have just made my life more complicated by using a sketchbook with different paper… oh well! Never a dull moment!

The last page of my Alpha was a note page from the demo – you can see the new sketchbook I am using- yes, that is my sketch on the label! Zeta spiral bound 6 x 8.

A few photos from the demo by my great friend Jane Blundell at the Art Scene West Ryde. If you haven’t heard they now stock Daniel Smith paint! yay!

Jane gave us a fantastic run down of the important/ useful colours in the range. A few of the speciality ones I hadn’t really looked at before.

Most of you know that ‘Colour Jane’ and I have colour-play days and she has helped me craft my palette to a selection that I am REALLY happy with. But it was very helpful to see all the colours together and confirm my own palette choices. And there were two colours that I just feel like revisiting – not making a palette change but more a play in the studio.

I love colour and getting to know all the different characteristics of pigments and it is just a total delight for me to hear Jane talk about it.She is a total legend!

And just to finish with a very perceptive comment yesterday by Caroline.
“You’ve changed your banner. Am I guessing right that those are indeed the current palette colors in the correct pan sizes? Do I see Potter’s Pink?”
Answer: yes, yes, yes! Anyone else noticed the changes?


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