The Australian Museum (and my yellow teacup)

August 2, 2014 | 8 Comments

USK SYD meetup at the Australian Museum:

I joined the group who wanted to sketch outside. And as usual for a USK SYD event spend a lot of time chatting to people. So I chose a ‘comfort’ subject…an elevational view of the museum.

I did the first sketch in the moleskine new book (and by the way the plot thickens with the ‘new labels”. The book Chris is using that has the new label appears to have the old paper. More about this when I have a chance to track it down further…maybe a bad batch??? )


And then I did a test sketch in the Zeta book… and then somehow tonight a teacup appeared on the page (wow! how did that happen????)

Very interesting that I am feeling very positive about the Zeta paper in the first few pages…. hmm, I love the way my work keeps changing and that means paper that didn’t suit me so well at one time, might suit better at another. But hey – early days.

It was such a lovely morning with the USK SYD gang. I love this group a LOT!

Not all the regulars were out today (we missed you!) and we get a different mix each month – and a big welcome to newbies this month as well. There is such a great vibe each month and I  get SO much out of our share session – hearing what other people were inspired to sketch, what they used and other stuff that happened while they were sketching…sharing all the different aspects of Urban Sketching.

More details  of the outing here


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