The most hip roof form?

November 22, 2010 | 1 Comment

A question for all architects out there (or anyone else who would like to contribute)…

I would like to know…. what you think is the coolest roof form?

I know that as architects the roof form should be a result of function and not an arbitrary form but I am finding that it seems to be very trendy to use a rounded rectangle form, turn down roof… what ever you call it. Is this a trend others have seen and what do you think of it? Any other very cool roofs of recent times would be appreciated. BTW this is a little tongue in cheek – I do have my own ideas but interested to hear from others.

Lots of fun responses on Flickr here.

1 Comment

  • smcfeely says:

    I can't say what "form" is hippest because every architect has his own preference. However in general It is popular to merge the roof and wall. whether rounded, orthogonal or angled there is no consensus.

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