Tea and Rivendell

February 19, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

ok…here is another T2 teahouse sketch… you might be getting bored with these but I am not (hm, surprising!) I use the standard elements which are always different to experiment. Look at that teapot… no way I would have done that last year. I also wasn’t going to use my credit card scraping trick…but somehow it just happened!!!

I don’t actually compose the objects on my table and therefore wasn’t 100% happy with the placement of the milk jug…oh well… next time!

Went to Rivendell today (doesn’t that sound great!) It is also know as Sir Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital.

The intention was to do an ‘old style neat ink and wash sketch but I was so disappointed with the end result that to make myself feel better I did this one… crazy crazy I know – but oh! so much fun!

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