Summer 1112: Day 6 - A day in the Blue Mountains

December 29, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

A grey bleak morning (so roaming shops) cleared to a warm sunny afternoon visiting a new lookout and going back to my favourite place(pulpit rock)…this is the view from it.

Crazy me took my tea and tea CUPS with me…

Wonderful breakfast – yes, the B&B that I stay in serves it in Royal Albert (how is that for a Liz-style place!)

food and tea sketch to record a morning of shop-hopping.

Then I had lunch. Ok so far today I have only sketched food! Time to change that!

New lookout(for me) at Shipley’s plateau – on the left side you looking into the blue mountains range, on the right to the plains beyond. Dirt track drive to get here… not that happy driving on dirt tracks on my own…but no choice.

AH! love this place. Pulpit rock. Had it all to myself for at least 15 minutes.

The scary part… I have sketched from down there before.

Pulpit Rock from Govets Leap

Blackheath looking for dinner

Dinner and bits…

My room – way too tired to attempt this… but still I did!!!!

BTW, my sketchbook is now finished (in 6 days!) That is a record for not being in an European city!

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