Summer 1112 Day 13 - Day in town with Jennifer

January 5, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Summer! J04WE_03 Queen Victoria Building

Wonderful day with Jennifer – one of the fabulous organisers of the Sydney sketch Club. Really great to have a day to catch up and sketch together – thanks Jennifer!!!
Before I met up with her I sketched this…. Queen Victoria Building looking up (my first building sketch for the year!) A very famous shopping mall in Sydney.

Summer! J04WE_01 Monk Pear and Golden Roses Cup
Monk Pea and Golden Roses Cup
Summer! J04WE_02 Day with Jennifer Map
Summer! J04WE_04 Crazy non stop sketching(15mins to spare)
Crazy non stop sketching(15mins to spare)
Summer! J04WE_05 Pancakes on the Rocks
Pancakes on the Rocks
Summer! J04WE_06 Cute old Substation
Summer! J04WE_07 Substation context
Cute old Substation? (with hints of the Harbour Bridge in the background…)
Summer! J04WE_08 ROundabout artwork
Roundabout Artowrk… explained by this photo..
Artwork Ahead
Summer! J04WE_09 Japanese Dinner before Church
Japanese dinner before church

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