My current sketchbook collection and an exciting find!

October 26, 2013 | 7 Comments


I only recently rearranged my bookcases so that I have more space for my sketchbooks… but it looks like it is already full!!

A rainy day task to put them all in order and make sure that they are all labelled and numbered but it is nice to have them all in the one location once again.

… it is less than 7 years since I started my first sketchbook!

But in my big tidy up that I doing at the moment I discovered something really special which predates my first sketchbook of 2007.

A whole pile of sketches from 1999 – from a trip around the western states of USA. With all the driving we did I remembered that I did do one or two sketches… but never realised I did so many. I also have a small written travel notebook as well which I come across from time to time…but no idea of these!

Very precious! I even have a sketch of Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. And there are a few which I attempted to colour with markers!

Something more to scan… (do you realise I haven’t quite finished my posting from my July trip and I have a whole sketchbook from my week in Melbourne last month!)


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