Starting a big ANZAC day of work

April 24, 2014 | 2 Comments

We are just getting over Easter and we have another long weekend here in Australia! Today is ANZAC Day (our war memorial day) but I am going to be working very hard both today and tomorrow.

So… I just have to start my day with a little time for me…thinking about the trule important things in life and then warming my self up for my art work.

I don’t really tire of sketching teacups but I do get very bored with single objects floating on a page. This morning I tackled one of my more complex cups and in the process of letting the page evolve (before having fully woken up this morning) I wandered off the cup with the floral design…and well the whole thing got away from me and it was fun trying to rein it in!!!!

One of the things I love is pushing boundaries all the time… how complex a tea cup can I paint working very wet and without waiting for the paint to try…. always risk taking. That is what watercolour is all about – hey? and why we love it so much!

BTW for those of you that are doing Sketchbook Skool and following a certain thread in the facebook group… you might have seen that I am teaching in Term 2 (so so excited!) and that I have a filming day coming up soon AND that I have committed to making a new dress for it! So I must get all my work done so I can have enough time for sewing…or is sewing suddenly just become part of my work. Work and play doesn’t have as much distinction for me as it used to. But one thing for sure- paperwork is still very much WORK and not play. Time to get going on my work!


  • Love the page, Liz, and the scripture. How wonderful that your work and your play are becoming so intertwined! Would that it would be that way for all of us!!!

  • Liz Steel says:

    thanks Sherry – yes it is great that work and play go together – especially when you have a lot of the work side!

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