Some Early Colonial Architecture of Sydney and more....

August 26, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Had high hopes a of big sketching morning/day today…but after 2hours (one of which was in a cafe) I packed up and went home. Strange…my ‘energy pills’ just didn’t do their normal thing today!!

Perspective is such hard work… really need to have a cup of tea and a good scone(or two) at the same time.
Hyde Park Barracks by Francis Greenway

St James Church by Francis Greenway – the oldest church building in City of Sydney

Then I came home, sat in the sun and had an afternoon nap!

trying to work out if I can wear my new bangle when out sketching… I didn’t wipe my brush on it once. BTW for those that don’t know I use the black wristband to wipe my brush while sketching.

I am enjoying adding my collage to my sketchbook… it means that I know have a place to put cards etc… it is just keeping up with it all. Got to do a page from my parcel from Ea now!



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