Sketching the orders of Architecture

April 13, 2016 | Leave your thoughts

Just a really quick post to let you all know that I have my last big push on my sketching architecture book so I might miss a few days on my blog this week.

I am working on the sketches for the Resources Section, and no book on sketching architecture is complete without some kind of drawing of the Classical Orders (click on the tag to this post for more). But before I started thinking about exact proportions and what scale to draw them at, I did a fun warmup experimentation version in my book.

For the experts: I know, I know, there are two significant mistakes in this sketch.
1. The wrong offset between the architrave of the entablature and the capital
2. The egg and dart moulding is missing between the dentals and the modillians
(and just for the record, I didn’t need to look those particular terms up but I certainly don’t know all the names of the all parts of the classical orders!)

And here is a sneak peek at me working away on the drawings for the book. A little different from the above image – hey?



I am sketching from a book that I mentioned in this crazy sketch many years ago. I have been mildly obsessive about architectural history for years – in fact more so in the past.

From 2009: Trip Prep 11 – What to do on the Plane – see original post here

This is really a quirky trip prep!!! I hope you all don’t think I am totally loopy – just mildly eccentric!?!

I don’t expect that there is anyone else that would think of planning to draw the classical orders on a long international flight… Or to do this as relaxation! But I hope that there is at least one of my architectural flickr friends who will understand my desire to draw them somehow one day.

Here in Australia most architects don’t have any interest in them – certainly the architectural education that I received had the emphasis that all exciting architecture started with Le Corb and FLW! I am not advocating the design of classical buildings today ( I love modern buildings!) … but simply appreciation of them.

BTW, I might have tried to sketch neatly but I still splashed the colour on with no regard for staying inside the lines!

BTW2 – this is the book I am referring to – it is great! This is only for SERIOUS students of architecture!
Ha! So much for a quick post… someone got a bit distracted!!!!!

But a takeaway thought is that all this research and knowledge over the years, seriously helps me see buildings better (and quicker) these days making it easier for me to sketch complex buildings!

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