Sketching Mosman (Balmoral) Week 3

September 4, 2013 | 1 Comment

Another stunningly beautiful morning… the top photo is what I enjoyed while having my pre-class coffee. The wind did pick up later in the day making sketching a little cool..but still very nice. It was very helpful to have a bright day today as we were doing Values. Last time in Manly we had a grey day with flat light so it was a little challenging to explain a few concepts! Today was perfect.

Using a very recycled collection of boxes and blocks of wood painted different colours we explored fundamental concepts of preserving white, local colour, shade(with reflected light) and cast shadows. Then we tackled a small portion of the concrete wall along the beachfront putting these concepts in practice both with markers and with watercolour.


Right at the end of the class, I did a very quick demo and then somehow (!?!??!!!) I got onto mixing colours and showing them some new favourites. A good lead-in to next week’s final class (for this session) on colour.

Been so much fun down in Balmoral the last few weeks – if you want to join us for the last class please let me know. (more classes coming in October)

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