Sketching Mosman (Balmoral) Week 2 - Lines

August 28, 2013 | 1 Comment



Well, I think that it would be hard to beat our studio classroom today for this week’s Sketching Mosman class. The rotunda at Balmoral on a very warm late winters day (23C was the forecast)

Today we were looking at line and how it interacts with colour when working with ink and wash and various ways to treat hard and soft edges. After exploring a number of examples from tight to loose both with ink and colour we did a few exercises to explore a few options available. I offered my bag as a subject to explore and it was amazing to see the variations between each person’s sketches.

We then headed out to do a few studies based on the same principles, of the rocks and trees of Rocky Point. It was so warm today that everyone sat in the shade (can you spot the sketchers?) Really stimulating discussion at the end looking at everyone’s work about how the degree of ink effected the colour, how broken lines and marks could be used for softer edges and how working without inklines (or very limited lines) made the focus more on the shapes.

We have loved it down at Balmoral so much that we will be there for the remaining two weeks. If you are free on a Wednesday morning we would love you to join us…. looking at Value and Colour in the last 2 weeks.

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