Video Demo: Sketching Haworth Church

August 31, 2016 | 4 Comments

I just wanted to share with you this fun video demonstration filmed by the wonderful Symi from Rosemary & Co Brushes during our visit to Haworth back in July. It shows you the way that I quickly sketch architecture standing up and using my beloved dagger brush (Rosemary 1/2 inch Series 772) for loose strokes.

Do you want to be able to draw buildings faster and more confidently?

Please check out my online course SketchingNow Buildings. I have so many tips to share and I’m excited to be able to do this in a format that allows me to go into them in depth!




  • Loved the video Liz! I live in Keighley (the home of those wondrous brushes) so of course I know Haworth. Very instructive and very entertaining. I was amused to find that I felt quite disturbed by watching you paint with your left hand and I don’t know why. But you’ve convinced me that a dagger is really a brush worth having. Thanks!

  • How great is your impromptu set up?
    Hope you will share with us all your tips and tricks.

    That brush is really great. Have ordered immediately ordered one.
    So cool you like fast sketching. So do I…

    Really can’t wait for the course to start.
    Do you recommend the Moleskine A4 Watercolour sketchbook?

  • Got a ‘sorry this video doesn’t exist’ message.

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