My book is now available

September 1, 2016 | 35 Comments

Great news – My book is now available!


The book is called Five Minute Sketching: Architecture and contains many tips for sketching buildings quickly. Here is the cover to the UK edition.

I love sketching architecture and I love sketching fast!

In this book I share ways of understanding buildings that will enable you to sketch fast. Buildings can be complex but with a few strategies in place you can record the most important features on your page quickly.

Can architecture be sketched in five minutes? Yes, it can, but it will mean some limitations. You will have to focus your story on the most essential part, concentrate on big shapes or just zoom into a small detail, limit the tools you use and let go of high expectations for accuracy.

Not every sketch in this book was completed in five minutes, but they were all sketched quickly and within the first five minutes the essence of the sketch was established on the page. So by focusing on one aspect or technique, the goal is to ‘nail it’ by the five minute mark.

In this book you learn the essential skills for understanding buildings and fast sketching, and then how to apply these to different types of buildings. You will also learn ways of using line and colour that will speed up your sketching and then how to use different tools to their best advantage.

This book is designed to get you out sketching architecture – whatever your level of experience – to take risks and have fun!


Here are two sample pages from the Amazon page.

I am also very pleased that the book includes sketches by this amazing group of artists:

Asnee Tasna | Carol Hsiung | Daniel J Green | Delphine Priollaud-Stoclet | Inma Serrano | Isabell Seidell
James Richards | Luis E Aparicio | Luis Ruiz | Lynne Chapman | Marc Taro Holmes | Matthew Brehm
Murray Dewhurst | Peter Andrews | Peter Rush | Rene Fijten | Richard Alomar
Rob Sketcherman | Suhita Shirodkar | Tiago Cruz | Virginia Hein



The US publisher for the book has chosen a sketch of Notre Dame by Luis Ruiz to go on the cover. This stunning image is one of the more elaborate sketches in the book but is based on a 5 minute concept. So even if you want to work slower there are plenty ideas in this book to make your architecture sketches stronger.




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