Melbourne13: Sketch free day in the Dandenongs

April 10, 2013 | 1 Comment

Wonderful day – 3 bush walks and morning tea with scones and jams and afternoon coffee and raisin toast and I didn’t open my sketchbook!!! It is a little odd to include my food in a description of the day – but you all know how hard to is for me to resist sketching good looking food and drink.

It was great to be sketch-free – the mug shot is just to prove that I got out in the bush – so much missing that in recent years. Perfect warm day today.

If you are concerned about me (an entire day on a trip without opening my sketchbook is a completely new thing) ….we were trying to do a lot and I did have a headache (I know that has not stopped me at all in the past….)

1 Comment

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