Singapore Trip: Shophouse Day

January 12, 2013 | 1 Comment


Shophouse Day… I was with very special new church friends…but they are painters and therefore catered to my desire to sketch shophouses!

I am often amazed how much opportunity I can get in a day to sketch when I am with non-sketching friends. I often don’t finish my sketches totally and of course work fast and am less focused…but considering everything (such as the fact I had never met this family before!) I got so much done this day.

Of course I started out early so I could get at least one sketch in for the day.

BTW this is the first page in my second A4 watercolour moleskine… really loving the larger size but it was too heavy for my bag over my shoulders- so I ended up carrying it in my hands all the time (yes, not so convenient)

The sketch on the left took about 1 hour – I had 2 girls watching me and I was having a great conversation with their father. I felt at the time that this was overworked as it took me so long and I was only half concentrating on it. The sketch on the right was done very quickly and I enjoyed more – even though annoyed that my sketch grew as I drew down the page so the dome is too small.

My friends for the day!

Crazy to attempt to sketch which having lunch with a hungry family of 4… but I am so glad that I attempted to sketch it… great memories and I can also taste the food again because of my sketch… oh! yum!
I rushed the sketch on the right and so had to do a true elevation to help me understand the detail of the facade. Really struggled with the composition of this page.

The card on the right was how we finished the day… very special …

My friends took me to meet Mr Loy at his studio – a very famous watercolourist (old master!) in Singapore and spent a good hour looking at some of his stunning watercolours.

He also showed me his very first watercolour and his portfolio of ink and wash sketches…very special!

I am now officially in the ‘can’t stop sketching mode’ …sketch at any opportunity…so even during a rest I sketch while waiting for refreshment and then sketch the refreshment.
On the right is a sketch that I really disliked and so did a second B&W brush pen sketch which is stuck like a flap over the first sketch (so I can still see it…but I am not going to bother scanning it for you)

A great day – thanks so much to David and my little assistants!!!!

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