RoadTrip2021: Oberon and Mayfield Garden

April 27, 2021 | 10 Comments


Day 5 was devoted to exploring the autumn colours of Mayfield Garden which is a little north of Oberon, so that is where we stayed the night before. We didn’t see much of it other than the main street and a visit to a ‘farm cafe’.


My first cooked breakfast of the trip was very nice.


While eating my eggs and bacon I noticed this very cool Art Deco building opposite. I included a simple line drawing of it on my page later that day (from a photo).

Note: I rarely sketch from photos when I travel. If I don’t sketch it at the time I won’t do a full-blown ink and wash sketch but on occasion I will do a simple line drawing like this one.


Mayfield Garden

We don’t have a lot of deciduous trees in Sydney and we rarely see many yellow and red trees. So all the autumn colours of this trip was a real treat. Visiting this garden was colour overload!


But just so you don’t forget that we are in Australia, there was this sign about a snake when we walked in.


A much photographed view is the stone bridge.


Here we are sketching… I think this is the first photo taken of me this trip!

I struggled a bit with my sketches on this day because of the paper. My first sketch was a mess (didn’t create the wet-in-wet effects I wanted) so I covered it up later. (another thing that I rarely do). I also prefer to use the rough side of the paper so I ripped out the last page in the book allowing me to test smooth vs rough at the same time.

And here are my sketches – so colourful! I don’t think that I have even used so much yellow and red pigments in a day!!!


More Photos

Once again the weather was gorgeous (cool but the sun was warm) and we had a lovely day. There is no doubt that we saw a lot of different things in this first week.

After leaving the garden, we stopped at O’Connell Cafe again (nice to be greeted by the staff!) and then headed to Bathurst!



  • Martine says:

    Reading your sketch-travel reports is so fun. A bit of compensation for not being able to travel (or visit indoor cafes) myself. Love those autumn colours, here in the north trees are just starting to get green. Safe travels!

  • Auj Seine says:

    Sketches are wonderful and fabulous bright color. Only one snake?
    Where I go hiking they have loads of Beware Mountain Lions signs.
    The place is full of many varieties of rabbits. I always bring my whistle
    Because there are no park rangers. I am so enjoying your road trip.
    Photos are terrific. I see no signs of the terrible fires that devastated
    your Country. ???

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi Auj – there are generally a number of snakes in the area… but it was cold so we thought it was unusual
      the bush has grown back a lot since the fires (rare flannel flowers in some places as a result) but we haven’t really been in many of the affected areas.

  • Caroline Lomath says:

    Great sketches as always, but these photos! Superb!

    • Liz Steel says:

      Thanks Caroline – easy to take photos of the spectacular colours 🙂 much harder to sketch!

  • Love the more intense colors!

  • Catherine Morgan says:

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos l was halfway through your foundations course and had to stop but am feeling very enthusiastic about getting into it again

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