Relaxation vs Experimentation

November 10, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

111931 Venice Sketch Therapy
Another attempt

Here are two versions of the Doge’s Palace in Venice (sketched from a photo)
The first one is an example of how I relax in the evening – give me a very complicated building and a good cup of tea (Lu Shan Oolong?)and I am very happy. my hand just seems to do its own thing… and then I have a bit of fun splashing some colour around.

The second version I tried to think before I sketched. As my notes indicate I am currently exploring ways of more expressive sketching. There is a tendency to try to draw every detail or part of the building – so here I was trying to be selective.
I intend to try again as one this second sketch I realised that I need a better view.

Venice Breakfast

While thinking about my time in Venice in Sept 2010- here is a photo that I came across yesterday of me in action during breakfast (one can’t draw architecture all the time!?)

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