Post-launch wind down sketch

June 26, 2015 | 4 Comments

Sigh! it was a big day yesterday (launching my Foundations Self Directed Course) – in fact, it has been a big week – a huge week working nonstop and not getting as much sleep as I should be. So last night at 10pm when everything seemed calm-ish, I switched off my computer and tried to wind down.

Over the years, particularly when I was working in a full-time architectural job, I would un-wind for a big week by doing a crazy Friday night baroque sketch. Last night is was ‘Thursday night English Baroque’ and rather than an elaborate ink and wash.

It was a very quick sketch using the Winsor and Newton watercolour marker (I recently picked another colour- sepia), De Atramentis Document Brown ink in a Sailor pen with 55degree fude nib and a waterbrush. I am really enjoying this way of working for a super quick loose sketch. The scan has overplayed the hue difference between the marker and the ink. I have been thinking about mixing a sepia ink (rather than the standard brown) and this is a good reason to try that!

And, yes this sketch was from a photo but I have sketched the building in real life before

Speaking of architectural jobs, I am constantly thinking about the similarities in what I do these days with my old job. Some many of my skills as a project architect help me daily! Putting an online class together is very much like going out to tender or submitting a Development Application – the sheer amount of documentation, the complexity of coordination throughout and attention to details. It is just that my consultant list and the team in the office is a LOT smaller.

Thanks so much to everyone that signed up to my Foundations course while I was sleeping…it is very exciting!

I woke up to a list of ‘help me’ emails this morning which I have been sorting. Ah! part of the joys of doing things yourself… but at least I don’t have the pressure of preparing Week 2’s lesson like I did when I ran the first Foundations Course (sigh! I do some crazy things at times!).


  • The colors used in this piece complement its style greatly. Heavy with mood and I love that!

  • JOAN says:

    The pace you keep makes me tired just from reading about what you do on a daily basis! I'm delighted to read that the students of your first class will still have access to the classes. I was very concerned because I had difficulty keeping up with your in-depth classes and felt overwhelmed. So now I can go back and work at my own pace. Yay! Good luck with the new session.

  • Liz Steel says:

    Hi Joan – the classes were always going to be available for at least a year…and were designed for people to come back and re-visit…but I am very pleased to extend this indefinitely!
    I never expected people to get everything out of the lesson the first time around and I wanted to cater for seasoned sketchers as they are mutli-leveled.
    I think sketching is like learning a language, you can easily pick up a few phrases and feel like you can communicate but to be fluent and to think in the new language there is a lot to absorb.
    Have fun re-visitng the lessons and re-doing the assignments!

  • Liz Steel says:

    thanks Sherry!

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