Perspective Workshop Prep

June 29, 2015 | 1 Comment

Today I was preparing for my #usksingapore2015 workshop: Pointless Perspective and Coloured Shapes.

Here are my step by step sketches for the perspective part. I laid them out on the floor to get them in order and to work out if any explanation was missing. Every time I teach perspective I refine my ideas and this was certainly true today as I had a few more ideas further to my April workshop here in Sydney. I am very excited to be sharing my 3 step process to perspective to those doing my workshop in Singapore.

And don’t bother asking… I am not going to give away what they are beforehand! I will afterwards though! A few background ideas are here (but it is not the full story!)

Here are some tests for the coloured shapes exercises. I have a great building for my workshop (Singapore Art Museum) ironically it is a white building and we are sketching with coloured shapes. But that is just perfect! I was doing some tests on SAM and also the National Museum. Both buildings I have sketched in real life

Art Museum: during my first trip on 25 Dec 2012

National Museum during my second trip on 02 Jan 2014

It is going to be a lot of fun! Can’t wait… actually the countdown is on and I wish I had just a little more time to get everything done beforehand!

1 Comment

  • Have been thinking of pulling out my perspective book and working on it myself. I forget things! Lovely to see one so accomplished doing this at times too! It will be great class!

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