Busy busy SketchingNow but not sketching now

June 24, 2015 | 2 Comments

I have been so flat out that I haven’t touched my daily sketchbook so far this week. That is a big deal for me. Have to stop Sketching Now (ie working on my website… Launch soon!) and start sketching now!!!

It is far more work than I imagined getting my site ready for getting 1. Foundations ready to re-offer again, 2. while keeping the original classroom in tact and 3. preparing for the new course which is coming in September. But finally I feel I am getting close… still a page long list of To-Dos … but hopefully only days away. BTW subscribers to my monthly newsletter will get the first news and an earlybird discount. Signup below!

I do feel better now! And oh! BTW this is another teacup from my Royal Albert 100 years set. It is called 1970s – Poppy.


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  • Art shed says:

    Hii Liz,

    Thanks for this cute and hot cup of coffee :). And best of luck for the long list of to do's. When will your new site be launched?

  • Missed a couple of days (work) but happy to see what you've accomplished in that time, Liz. You make that busy industrial piece look fabulous and I always love the teacups. Happy to hear you hit your goal of 100 people sketches too!

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