Png:Sg Trip 02: The Adventure Begins

January 17, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

OK here we go….I am starting the long task of scanning and posting about my recent trip to Penang and Singapore.

To start with there are my two ‘trip prep’ pages and also my journey sketches… as usual, I sketched the art supplies that I took with me (and as usual this collection increased during the trip!) I had a few extra brushes this trip as I intended to work on my watercolour and try some different things.

And here is my usual ‘all packed’ sketch of my suitcases (if you haven’t noticed I like having a few traditions!) and the clothes I packed. I think I was a little distracted when I was packing as I took too many clothes this time. When going to a hot and humid climate, expecting to be socialising a lot, going out all day sketching and then out for dinner, it is good to have a few extra items so that you can wear two outfits per day and not have the pressure to hand wash every evening (which is what I normally try to do)… but certainly didn’t need as much as I ended up taking.  I have written a few notes to myself for next time.

Also my final cuppa before I leave for the airport – very rushed but interesting to compare with the first cuppa sketch when I came home.

As for sketching on the plane – I don’t really enjoy it but still I do it every time. It is such a treat for me not to have a 24 hour or more long journey ahead of me so the time went fairly quickly and I didn’t get around to writing the usual notes or working out time zone differences.  The first time I had flown Air Asia – the seats are not big…but the guy sitting in front of me was HUGE!

The second flight from KL to Penang was late leaving so I started sketching people while I was waiting… (cracked record moment: why don’t I do this more often?) … and then a very quick sketch on the flight. The flight was only 40 minutes – basically,    take off and then get ready to land. Arrived at hotel late in the evening … ready for a big day sketching on the morrow.

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