Paris Day 5

December 15, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

Paris05_01 Map

Another map page – I think it is so much nicer draw a unique map for each day rather than simply drawing the route on a generic map for the week (this is what I used to do)
Paris05_02 Notre Dame Rear
Rick Tulka told us that another Australian flickr friend Jan Allsop (JanandRoly) was in Paris so thanks to iphone technology we were able to meet up and sketch together. It was so much fun – not only meeting another fellow sketcher but an Australian – apart from my sister, I had not come across another Australian in a month and it made me even a fraction homesick – it is not just the accent, or Jan’s comment about wearing singlets to keep warm but the whole Australianess which you realise is unique when not surrounded by it.
About the sketch, we sat on a bench and sketched the rear of Notre Dame – chatting all the time – I think I did my fair share of the talking and once again am surprised how well the sketch came out considering how I wasn’t concentrating too hard (I think that I was only about to do this as I had been sketching non stop for the last 4 weeks)
BB& 3 sketchers
Paris05_03 ND Lunch
During my week in Paris, I tried to sneak in a second sketch from each location because although I was slowing down, I was still generally faster than Eza. On this occasion with Jan and Eza and doing so much talking I didn;t have that much extra time so only got a small part started (on the right)
After an hour sitting out in the autumn weather I was freezing – so some warm soup hit the spot- nice tea pot!
Paris05_04 ND Front
Next the front of the grand cathedral…..
Paris05_05 view from front of ND
and then looking the opposite direction from the same spot
Paris05_06 Pont Neuf
Then another bridge sketch from a bridge
Paris05_07 Institu de Francejpg
And once again a second sketch from the same spot
Paris05_08 Tuileries view 1
To finish off the day… we sat in one of those green chairs and sketched the view from the Tuileries. I just love this part of Paris!
I was feeling a bit tired and cold and therefore didn’t feel like doing a careful sketch – made a mess of it … though now not having the view in front of me no one knows how out of whack it really is.
Paris05_09 Tuileries view 2
Second page from the same spot…

Somewhere during those sketches we had a little shopping interlude.

Sennelier Art Store

SO glad that Jan told us about Picasso’s art store… wow what a wonderful place to visit… just as well I don’t like in Paris – I think I would like to visit this place too much!
Paris05_10 Second new paint tin
Of course I had to make a purchase – I told myself that the first W&N set was a replacement – this one was my souvenir from Paris.

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