Palladian Odyssey Planning Begins

June 21, 2016 | 4 Comments

It was a very exciting day for me today as we headed to Vicenza, the home of Palladio and starting planning for our big workshop next year – Palladian Odyssey – find out more about that here.

It was totally a dream come true for me to roam the streets of Vicenza today visiting numerous palaces of Palladio…
especially the amazing two buildings in the main piazza.

I just had to hug a column of the Basilica, didn’t I?

My first sketches of the main piazza with Palladian buildings on both sides.

A fun sketch of the Loggia.

The scale of his palaces completely blew me away.

I did a LOT of sketches this afternoon and spent time thinking of what we will sketch as part of the workshop. Later in the day we (Mike, Esther and I) did a 30 minute sketch challenge of this unfinished palace by Palladio. This is my sketch…

And here is the collection – Esther’s at the top, mine and then Mike’s on the right.

Really wonderful day and I can’t tell you how much I love the old town of Vicenza – it is not just the Palladian buildings that make it special.


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