My sketches at the end of the Expressive Urban Sketching Workshop

April 14, 2014 | 2 Comments

I know I haven’t yet written up a full report of the workshop on Cockatoo Island … but I still have quite a few sketches from the week to post…so I will get them up as soon as I can. (hard to keep up with myself at the moment!)

So these are the only two complete sketches that I did in the two days of the workshop (well apart from the combined demo painting with Paul). This first one of the windows of the drawing office was done in the last hour of the workshop when we gave everyone so free time to develop a final piece. Obviously this was all about the paint, the pigment and the colour – certainly not an elaborate composition!

And finally, afterwards – I had just missed my ferry and there were only a few sketchers left on the island. Was feeling that normal flat feeling one has after a big exciting event is over… and although I was tired (well exhausted would be more accurate) I felt that doing one sketch just for me was going to hit the spot after all the energy I had expended teaching and watching all participants produce such amazing work for two days. I can’t tell you how much doing this sketch did indeed hit the spot!


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