My (no longer annoymous) morning cafe visits

December 4, 2015 |

Just a quick post today to give you an update on my morning cafe visits.

Last week I checked out a number of cafes but decided I liked the outlook and atmosphere of one in particular and have started frequenting that every morning. For my first 7 visits no one noticed that I was painting my coffee which is very unusual as normally at least one person (mostly a staff member) sees my paint tin on the table. To be honest it was a lovely change to be anonymous – to just do my own thing and focus on my work. Just being around people was enough of a buzz for me.

But this week, on Tuesday, not only was I noticed by one of the staff, but I also had my own photo shoot! A photographer came in looking for some lifestyle shots for a nearby residential development marketing brochure and right at that moment I was the only seated customer! A big thanks to Robert for allowing me to share these with you. (Notice that I am reviewing a Fountain Pen Sketching post!)

Anyway, now I am getting to know all the staff members and the barista is doing coffee art for me! Ah! It is hard to hide when you go out sketching on location. As much as enjoyed the initial obscurity, it is really very nice to be engaging with people more as I start my day!

And just a sneak peek of what I have been doing with my coffee sketches this week – rather than overtaking my whole sketchbook, I have confined them to a single spread. I am liking this approach a lot! Oh! sneak peek to my planning for Fountain Pen Sketching Part 3 as well!

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  • Corinne van der Vorst says:

    Really nice to see the four coffee sketches on one spread! I like that the sketches of the same coffee cup look different every day.

  • PeggyB says:

    Liz, you are an inspiration! I'm on the other side of the world, in North Carolina, US, in the most charming town with a plethora of little cafes and friendly people. . . You make me believe that I could take my "stuff" there, and see if I can restore my "10,000 hours" with a pen.

  • Renata says:

    Very nice article Liz ! Very nice drawings ! I wonder all what you have been writing ;-)) haha in your agenda !