My new yellow teacup - Teacup collection #6 and 7

September 20, 2019 | 1 Comment

It’s been extremely hectic this week so here is a simple quick teacup sketch I did one morning instead of my usual cafe visit.

Last month I bought three tea cups to celebrate the launch of a new SketchingNow course (thanks to the help from my Instagram followers) and this yellow one has been the most fun to sketch. I think it’s because of the pattern of the saucer – it has the right mix of geometrical pattern and curvy pattern.

And it turns out to be part of the same set as a blue cup and pot I bought last year.

I haven’t been intentionally sketching through my teacup collection at the moment, but for the record these sketches are #6 and #7.


1 Comment

  • Marilyn Hansen says:

    Love your new teacups Liz! I was sent a pretty yellow antique teacup and saucer from a friend in Germany. You have given me inspiration to paint my collection as well!!
    Enjoy your new course!

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