My Monthly Newsletter and my favourite pen!

November 24, 2015 | 18 Comments

Just a short blog post today to remind everyone that I publish a newsletter each month (on the first Tuesday). It is a summary of what I have done in the past month (I know that it is hard to keep up with all the daily posts!) and also the latest news about my SketchingNow online classes.

I have been putting it together for the last 18 months and although it is an extra thing for me to do each month, I really love the discipline of reviewing what I blogged about in the previous weeks and then looking ahead to the coming month. I do believe that it is a huge factor in how much I achieve in a year and the ‘first Tuesday’ deadline helps me get things done.

But really the biggest part about the newsletter is that it is the place that I offer special offers discounts to my subscribers. I share earlybird discounts when I release a new online class and I also give the first notification of my face to face workshops.

Looking ahead to 2016, I hope to offer more special treats in my newsletter and provide unique ‘behind-the-scenes’ content that I won’t be sharing on my blog.

Finally one of the other reasons I love doing a newsletter is that I feel like I am writing a more personal letter to all my subscribers and often get some lovely personal replies to it. (Note: Special thanks to anyone that sends me a personal note – you have no idea how much that means to me!)

If you want to join the fun click here.

In other news… I am working on a special project for December (actually there might be a second ‘special project’ as well) and today I was doing a heap of photography. For some reason my beloved White Joy (Lamy Joy with a gold nib) wanted to do some modelling for me. I think it is a little hurt that I have been using my new Falcon lately and wanted me to take notice of it.

It is a really quirky pen – a very expensive nib in a very grotty plastic pen body – I call it “pen patina”. When we were in Singapore, Marc Holmes suggested that I needed to get a new body for my nib but I am attached to my much-loved grubby pen… what do you think?


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