Manly Catch up.. and pigment talk

April 23, 2013 | 1 Comment

Today I had a coffee with Erin Hill – a local wonderful artist and teacher. I will be using her studio as a base for my upcoming sketching class. And just to let you know…. that I am offering casual classes if you are unable to do the full 8 week course.
I am really enjoying using water soluble pencil for my outlines when I draw cups of tea and food these days. The softness and variable pressure and potential to loose the lines just seems to sit well with my reflex cafe table sketches.

I also attempted to draw the building across the road- this wasn’t a focused sketch but just another opportunity to experiment further with combining watercolour pencils and paint. It is really fun for me to sketch architecture with fuzzy lines – quite contrary to my ‘architect-ness’.
I went to my local art store – the first time for a while. Last weeks review of my palette made me realise I was down on supply. Anyway, I got into an amazing chat with Daniel who works there talking pigments! Well, I only remember the numbers of a few pigments, but this guy knew his stuff and we had a fun conversation about a number of pigments including PR101 – one of the pigments that I do know a lot about since I went on a search for a more interesting version that the W&N one (burnt sienna). I am just so much taken with the way the different pigments react in water, with other pigments and then how they dry….so it was a real pleasure to hear someone go on about it as well!

one more sketch from today… I shouldn;t admit this… but these were done from the drivers seat. I was stopped in very bad traffic this morning.
I am thankful that I managed to blindly grab my Indian ink intense pencil- the other two colours were random. I am keeping my eye on the traffic at all times and only sketch when there is a red light ahead of me. Tough new laws here about the use of mobile phones while driving… but none regarding sketching that I am aware of!
Thankfully the traffic improved and I only got to do two cars….I will finish this page off with some notes… lots of things happening at the moment and lots of ideas and thoughts buzzing around in my head. I love the compositional freedom with a page like this… where can I put some text to best balance the sketch????

1 Comment

  • monbaum says:

    Hi Liz! Just seeing your three colour paint tubes there – will you be taking Shari's workshop in BCN? 🙂 I am, and I still need to get my 3 paint tubes.

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