Manly Catch up.. and pigment talk

April 23, 2013 | 1 Comment

Today I had a coffee with Erin Hill – I will be using her studio as a base for my upcoming sketching class. And just to let you know…. that I am offering casual classes if you are unable to do the full 8 week course.
I am really enjoying using water-soluble pencil for my outlines when I draw cups of tea and food these days. The softness and variable pressure and potential to loose the lines just seems to sit well with my reflex cafe table sketches.

I also attempted to draw the building across the road- this wasn’t a focused sketch but just another opportunity to experiment further with combining watercolour pencils and paint. It is really fun for me to sketch architecture with fuzzy lines – quite contrary to my ‘architect-ness’.
I went to my local art store – the first time for a while. Last weeks review of my palette made me realise I was down on supply. Anyway, I got into an amazing chat with Daniel who works there talking pigments! Well, I only remember the numbers of a few pigments, but this guy knew his stuff and we had a fun conversation about a number of pigments including PR101 – one of the pigments that I do know a lot about since I went on a search for a more interesting version that the W&N one (burnt sienna). I am just so much taken with the way the different pigments react in water, with other pigments and then how they dry….so it was a real pleasure to hear someone go on about it as well!


1 Comment

  • monbaum says:

    Hi Liz! Just seeing your three colour paint tubes there – will you be taking Shari's workshop in BCN? 🙂 I am, and I still need to get my 3 paint tubes.

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