New fad: Lavender Light

October 19, 2022 | 5 Comments

A few weeks ago I started using GoldFaber Aqua Dual Markers (prompted by the exercises from Lesson 1 of my Watercolour On Location course). I was particularly enjoying the wild vibrancy of the Blue Violet colour.

But for the last week or so I’ve changed my fad colour to Lavender Light 196. I’m using it in all kinds of ways…

In this sketch, it was perfect for the background bush at Lane Cove National Park.

Here is the full spread which also includes my current favourite GoldFaber Aqua colours and a sketch of a Channel-Billed Cuckoo (copied from a bird book). These extremely noisy birds are a big part of my life at the moment.

I was highly distracted when I did this sketch (too many work projects in my head at the time) but  I enjoyed using the lavender light marker again.

There are some really fun textures (especially in the top layer of the trees) where my usual granulating watercolour washes mixed with the dye-based marker marks.

Here the Lavender Light is used for the shadow areas. I also used two colours of markers for the coffee plus Vintage Pink and Venetian Red on the cup.

Finally… here are a few sketches that I’ve shared previously. Can you spot the Lavender in them? Did you notice it when you first saw them?

So it seems that my mixed-media explorations are continuing! 🙂


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