Happy Holidays! - Have a Cool Summer

December 22, 2010 | 3 Comments

Before I started playing with watercolours I used to have fun in photoshop. This is a card I made for Christmas 2007….I am been so busy scanning that I haven’t had the time to do anything this year!! Slack slack… I know!

I am not really into Christmas (see note below)so I often give holiday cards rather than Christmas Cards. For a few years I used the “Have a Cool Summer” theme …naturally I ended up sending them to my northern hemisphere friends as well for a bit of a laugh.

This is probably not a very helpful sentiment for a lot of people at the moment with the weather the way it is. So more appropriately – I wish everyone a safe Christmas/ holiday period…hope you get to the places you want to be safely…and if that is not possible, I hope that you have a good time despite the disappointments!

Thanks for all the comments during the year…and especially those during my big trip – I can’t express how

For all those in Australia – I hope you have a warm and sunny summer!

Re; Christmas. For those interested…. I really dislike the commercialism of it but I also do not observe it “religiously.” Although a Christian, I do not find a command in the bible to observe the day that Christ was born- instead I celebrate Christ’s resurrection on the first day of every week as a rest day – what I refer to as the Lords Day (the Christian Sabbath)…personally I prefer 1 day in 7 rather than only once a year!! Having said that my family still has a low key get together… but I might just end up doing something else on the day as well- stay tuned… (last year I sewed a dress!)


  • I agree with you . . . celebrate the Lord every week, even every day! Not just once or twice a year.

    Rejoice, however you celebrate the Lord!

  • Melissa says:

    These are also my own feelings about C.mas. The feast days that were commanded in the OT have so much more meaning, especially in light of their NT fulfillment. I wish they were still part of our Christian heritge, instead of converted holidays.

  • Melissa, Messianic Jewish congregations still celebrate the OT festivals of the Lord, but use them as teaching aids, showing how they each point to the Messiah, Jesus. Deep meaning!

    Our eldest son and his family belong to such a congregation in Texas and I have attended Passover celebrations with them. They are always welcome to visitors from other churches coming just to celebrate the special holidays.

    Sorry, Liz, for answering Melissa on your blog; I couldn't find a way to talk to her directly.

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