From Alpha to Beta

March 5, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

A new sketchbook… I have been waiting for the right time to try the Beta book from Stillman and Birn that I have had for ages! I enjoyed the Alpha a LOT and used it very experimentally… I feel the need to slow down and be a little calmer in this book. I also feel the need to go back to a more journalling type approach. If you haven’t noticed, since Singapore I haven’t really been recording day by day events as much and stringing together a narrative of my life. That has been a good break but now I feel a desire to return to that but at a slower pace than my previous frantic efforts.

So here is my usual opening page…. I did this in honour of the Shirley Trevena DVD I have been watching lately- and did some ‘destroying of my work’. While doing this I realised that I haven’t yet explored the new colours I added in my palette before the start of that Alpha book just completed… I would like to find some time for some ‘me-art’ to explore these new colours and old favourites that came back (translucent orange, perylene green)

A few other random comments

  • where has Liz the architect gone – I just couldn’t manage equal spacings tonight with those full pan
  • while this is numbered 59 it is probably around sketchbook 103 (a pure guess!) as I do not number my travel sketchbooks or my special project sketchbooks
  • I DO like the Beta paper… so looking forward to this big time
  • I know you will want to know what my colours are… I might get around to telling you one day!

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