First journal pages in my Beta book and a gift from Liege

March 6, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

So here are the first two pages in my new beta hardbound sketchbook. I am just starting to explore the paper – but it IS very nice. I love how stiff it is when turning the pages (a very no technical comment I know… but it is the firmest paper I have ever had in a sketchbook) Getting a few hard edges with my watercolour – but I will get that under control soon. Love the whiteness of the page and how lovely it is to draw on.

It is just SO nice to have a ‘journalling’ type day and to slow down a little and sketch for the sake of it… even though a few things did not come out the way I wanted….but just nice to be calmly recording my day. I haven’t been out on the street sketching much (a lot of indoor object or tea-based sketches) and I am itching to get out and tackle some complex subjects again. It has been nice having a break from that go go go type of sketching day!

I am still (a touch impatiently) waiting for my copy of an illustrated journey (from the publisher…so I am not complaining…just waiting!) but in the meantime, BB and I had the special treat of spending an evening in Liege Belgium by Gérard Michel. Thanks Gérard!!!!!!!!!!!!

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