T2 with a brand new brush

March 5, 2013 | 1 Comment

‘Ok, I know that you are all a little bored with images like this from T2 – but I want to post this in order to publicly wish Kathleen, the lovely and amazing manager safe travels and a perfect day in April as she jumps on a plane later this week to go to England to get married. I wish her and her husband to be (no idea of his name) all the best.

I am rather touched that she is taking her version of my book, A perfect cuppa (sketches from my first year’s worth of visits to the teahouse) with her…to show her grandma (and others) where she works. Apparently, the book has already been packed in her parents hand luggage. That really makes my day … like Kathleen and her staff have done many many times for me.

Also, from an art point of view this page is a bit of a lesson for me – Do NOT buy a new big sable brush (it was an inexpensive brush from Art &Craft Riot – more later) and start using it straight away without even getting the feel of it (it absorbed a lot more water than I expected or am used to) and especially don’t do this while having an active conversation at the same time. Ok… you can do it if you want, but don’t be surprised if after the conversation has ended you look at your page and see an undefined puddle of water and paint on the page. I then proceeded to overwork the thing before deciding it was time to have another go on the right side. Ah! but it is a great record of a lovely visit to T2 teahouse Macquarie Centre.

1 Comment

  • Jasmine says:

    Hehheh…your T2 sketches are my favourite things! It must be wonderful to have such a place near you…and it always makes me enjoy my twelfth cup of the day that much more!

    Plus the way you use shadows for the dishes and the tea itself…it's beautiful and interesting and distinctive.

    I'm currently embarking upon a year-long sketch project, and looking forward to seeing what my repeat subjects say about me… teacups and buildings are your own distinct thing!

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