Four more Royal Albert teacup sketches

December 9, 2022 | Leave your thoughts

A short article today, to bring you up to date with the teacup sketches I’ve done in the past week.

I’m really enjoying using cups from my Royal Albert 100 years set that go nicely with my green teapot. As I’ve gotten the big pink boxes down from their storage spot on top of a cupboard (see this sketch) I’ve been going through them at a rapid rate – doing a teacup sketch every two days.

This is 1930 Polka Rose (no longer part of the 100 years set.)

Two views of 1990 Hartington Lane (also no longer part of the 100 years set). I did two sketches because it was hard to see any green in the first version.

Side view of 1970 Poppy (BTW I really like cups that have a full gold handle and foot).

And the last one for this article – 1910 Duchess. This one goes really nicely with my dark green teapot!

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