Foundations cup and saucers

March 23, 2022 | Leave your thoughts

This week is busy so here is a quick article with recent sketches of my Foundations cup. As described earlier in the year, I got a new cup and saucer that is the same shape as my original Foundations cup. I broke the original cup but can now still use its saucer with the new cup.

This is a sketch of Foundations Cup Mark II  – an orange cup with a lime green saucer. This design is called Blushing Blends: Coral.

And here is a sketch of the Mark II cup with the Mark I saucer (Pretty Punch: Orange). I still consider this pattern one of the hardest to sketch from my entire collection. This sketch was done after this morning’s Foundations Livestream so my circles are a little wonky – need I say more? 🙂

On Monday night I did this really quick loose wet-on-wet version of this combo along with a B&W milk jug and my Zanzibar teapot. Talk about a crazy collection of patterns!!!

Stay tuned for a sketch of this pot – it’s another challenging object to sketch.

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