Foundations Teacup Mark 2

January 5, 2022 | 8 Comments

A little over a year ago I broke my ‘Foundations’ cup – Pretty Punch: Orange by T2. I was a bit devastated as not only did I love the cup, but it was highly significant as I bought it to celebrate the start of the Foundations course in 2014.

Recently whilst browsing the T2 website (a dangerous occupation I know!) I noticed a cup and saucer which was the same shape as Pretty Punch with similar colours. It was no longer available online but I managed to track down which store still had stock.

Just before the new year, I managed to get a replacement cup. This design is called Blushing Blends: Coral and although it is a very different pattern to Pretty Punch some of the colours are exactly the same.

The mismatched combination of these two designs actually makes drinking out of this cup more delightful! So I’m a happy girl!

As for this sketch – it’s somewhat out of character to do such a detailed sketch of the patterns, isn’t it? But even though I was painting with a finer brush I still didn’t want the end result to be too precise so I was trying to work wet-on-wet as much as I could. This worked well for the green saucer but for the orange one I had to keep my washes separate and add some white gel pen and coloured pencil. Just for the record, Pretty Punch is one of the hardest designs in my entire teacup collection

In other news… I decided that the Group Run-through of Foundations is such a big deal that I needed to make up a brand new palette for it. 🙂
Palette and Water container by Derivan – see here and here.

We have just started Lesson 1 (today) so it is not too late to join us. Find out more Foundations here.



  • Heather says:

    I’m looking forward to the 2022 Foundations run-through with you Liz and to see all the amazing sketches and uh-huh moments in the classroom. If you haven’t signed-up I highly recommend it 🙂

  • Jamie C says:

    I made myself a new palette for Foundations, too. Previous runs of the course I used more colors, so this time I’m really looking forward to using the six colors and even water color pencils! During Buildings I really “got” the concepts of volumes, and such in a way I hadn’t previously, so I’m quite excited to get back to Foundations and dive into it again, with my new comprehension.

  • Jamie C says:

    Your new tea cup is stunning! I can totally see why you had to find it once you saw it! Love the detailed pattern sketches. Yet still, your style is evident!

    • Liz Steel says:

      Thanks Jamie – I like Mark 1 and Mark 2 (would not have chosen this pattern normally but now that I have it, I love it!)

  • Bob Cochran says:

    Hi Liz,

    I will try to order the Daniel Smith colors for the course. I have about 11 tubes of M. Graham in similar colors but I know this are not the same as Daniel Smith. Now might be a good time to broaden my selection of watercolor paints. Thanks so much, Bob

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi Bob, I’ve never really used M. Graham paints (dont think they ever set properly here in Australia with all the humidity) You don’t have to buy new paints for the course… but I know that it’s always fun 🙂

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