Europe19: Mixing Umbrian Stone

May 22, 2019 | 4 Comments

I’ve been getting numerous comments on Instagram from people assuming that I’m using a lot of Buff Titanium. I’m not!!!

I do use it a little Buff  but… sharing my big secret here… my main way of capturing the Umbrian stone is a mix of these three colours with a lot of water.

I’m currently testing Roman Szmal’s Aquarius paints so have written my usual DS colours as well. This mix gives me much more colourful and granulating and separating washes than I get with just using buff.

Are you a big Buff user? Have you ever tried to mix a similar colour from other paints in your palette?



  • Denise Robotham says:

    I live in the Cotswold Hills in England and Buff Titanium is exactly the right base colour for the stone here. Mix with a touch of burnt siena for north Cotswold honey coloured stone and ultramarine for older south Cotswold stone. Brilliant colour.

  • Elsie Hickey-Wilson says:

    I have tried to use Buff Titanium in mixtures for various “natural surfaces” such as rocks, building stone and for sandy ground colors. But each time either using Buff alone or in mixture it lacks a certain character. I will give your mixture ideas. Thanks. I have used DS bronzite genuine in mixtures and it gives a lively sparkle especially for sandy ground or some building stones.

  • Chris C says:

    I’ve been trying to achieve more transparent, and buff is a little too opaque for me. I will try this mix. Thank you!

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