Testing Buff Titanium: Do I ever get tired of sketching tea cups?

April 20, 2014 | Leave your thoughts


….hmmm, doesn’t look like it does it?

This was a wind down from a big week cuppa sketch late on Saturday evening… and I was trying to make ever stroke count (that there are still a few random brush strokes that I wasn’t totally focused on). I got a little carried away using Buff Titanium paint – a beautiful opaque cream Daniel Smith paint that used to be in my palette years ago but have only recently put back to re-test (in honour of my friend Jane Blundell who is a buff fan!) I am trying to work out what this tea looks like – certainly not at all like the transparent chinese herbal sleep tea I was drinking… it looks more like I added milk to a herbal tea (I shudder at the thought!)

Making every stroke count is something that is on my mind a bit lately… I will share more later… right now it is MOnday morning- a beautiful fresh autumn day and I am going out sketching….
Happy Monday!

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