A non sketchcrawl sketchcrawl?

April 19, 2014 | 2 Comments

Today was an international sketchcrawl but there wasn’t a formal Sydney event …. and today I didn’t really feel up to do any serious sketching…

But I sketch so regularly that it is almost a reflex action even on ‘down days’! (especially when I am having tea and scones with a friend- non stop talking and the sketch just seemed to happen) And because it was a little strange not to have a big sketching day I did a few very quick very loose very wet vertical slices of my day….

Looking forward to be usual day of rest (from work and sketching), my day of worship tomorrow (I don’t observe Easter as anything different from the Lords Day every week!)

And on Monday I will sketch this little fellow – the nicest easter bilby I have ever met!




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