Cuppa Tea Time: New cup

September 8, 2016 | 8 Comments

This is a new cup that I’ve had for a few weeks. It’s called Milan Flower Market from T2 and is a new purchase to commemorate my big trip this year. Aside: I was able to justify the purchase since I have had two breakages this year.

It must be a sign that I am super busy if it has taken me weeks to get around to doing a proper sketch of this. Ok, I did do a few quick experiments on day 2 (followers on snapchat might have seen those) but I haven’t had the time to give it the attention it needs.

Most of you will know that I normally buy a new cup to celebrate the launch of a new online course – so does that mean I have a second new cup for SketchingNow Buildings?

You will just have to wait and see!

BTW it is also almost teacup week again in Sketchbook Skool as my week in the Seeing course starts tomorrow. Let me know if you are doing it at the moment.



  • Cheryl Goyer says:

    I am in the course but will be traveling until Tuesday night. I’ll have to find a way to watch the videos and do a lesson or 2. ????

  • Philippa Granwal says:

    I am doing it. It has been a really excellent course and I’m looking forward to your week.

  • Shirley miller says:

    Yes, I am happily awaiting this week with you Liz!!

  • Shirley miller says:

    Your teacup is lovely and bright! Looking forward to our teacup lesson!!

  • Shirley miller says:

    Your teacup is lovely and bright! Looking forward to our teacup lesson this week at Sketchbook Skool Liz!

  • Benedicte says:

    Hello Liz, this is just to let you know how much I LOVE your lesson on Sketchbookskool! I find your advice tremendously useful. As for the tea cup, I think I’m hooked as I consider buying some just for the pleasure of sketching it…

  • Elisabeth Berge says:

    Hei, Liz! I am also doing Seeing at SBS and I truly love your analytisc approach to Sketching. This was very helpful. Your compositions are outstanding! As I only have plain white china, I actually might swop from minimalist to maximalist during this week. My sketches are rather colourless compared to my classmates and Benedicte in particular .????????

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