Cuppa Tea Time: Japanese Evening Mist

January 20, 2016 | 2 Comments

A few random thoughts about this sketch:

  • I know that I have said this before, but every time I start a teacup sketch I go on an adventure into the unknown.
  • This one turned out very different from my intention – mainly due to using an opaque warm grey ink (mixed De Atramentis Document Brown and the new Document White) and the fact that it turned out smaller than I normally like to work.
  • I used my Carbon Pen for the black lines – using it into the wet washes. It floated on the surface much more than I expected (or hoped!)
  • I also used a little De Atramentis Document Brown over the top.
  • This is my green tea cup – I never drink black tea out of it. Just doesn’t feel right.
  • 2016 is going to be the year of reducing my earl grey tea intake… and so far, I have been very good drinking less black tea and only herbal or green in the evening. For the record this was Japanese Evening Mist (ah ha! that is what the title refers to!) from my favourite tea supplier – Tealeaves. Note. I love their premium Earl Grey Tea – it is what I am drinking at the moment. 
  • My all time favourite EGT is Taylors of Harrogate but don’t know where to get that anymore here in Australia (used to buy 1kg bags direct from the importer).
  • This was sketched in the surreal calm of a cricket-free evening – the Big Bash is great, but oh! it is noisy.

(I told you this would be full of random thoughts)

I am not sure I have ever asked this question specifically before, but for all you tea drinkers out there:
What is your most favourite tea?  (only one selection allowed- ok?!)

Final note: thanks so much for the great comments on yesterday’s Neat Sketch. I think there are a some important issues discussed in the comment section and I will be looking at them in more detail in Part 2 which I hope to share next week some time.



  • lianna vigil says:

    I’ve been catching up on all your posts for the year. What a great time I’ve had. I couldn’t resist your tea question. My very favorite is gyokuru imperial green tea leaves. Love all your teacup sketches especially the ones you use for green tea.

  • Terri Young says:

    I love Earl Grey however, Lady Grey is a close second…
    I really enjoy all your posts and artwork. Thanks for sharing!

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